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From Left to Right


  •  Dome-like roof
  •  Old Latin-like scriptures. I like them! I wish I could read these!
  • Snape's chair: it's elegant and classic!
  • Potions ingredients : note how every bottle is tagged AND also notice the tags on the front of the shelves.  It's like they were organised by category because not all bottles have these kinds of tags in front of them.
  • Stacks of old and surely precious books
  • Round working table: I think this is strange. I was thinking more about a heavy oak and rectangular desk. Such desks tend to create a distance between you and the office holder.
  • Stacks of small note books: it looks like student's work. A good idea, but it's the beginning of the year.  Did the student handed in their summer work right away? I can't see what else these same height books would be!
  • A big horn: I reckon this is a potion ingredient or something like that.  There's only one horn visible and it's on the floor, so it doesn't look like a hunting trophy!
  • Nice gothic chandelier!
  • Windows: They're bright, but it's night right now, so I reckon they look out to another part of the dungeons or they are magically enlightened.  We're in the dungeons which is, according to Rowling, quite a few step downstairs in Hogwarts. Therefore, the windows are surely enchanted to look like real windows.  Just like in the classroom actually.
  • Fruits: I don't recall seeing anything to eat, except candies, in Dumbledore's office. Therefore, I think the authors also conceived that Snape is the kind of man who likes to eat in his office surely due to long hours there.  After all, he is doing some experiments there as well, so it's no wonder he has to eat there to keep an eye on his potions!

 Larger view

  • The desk is standing on a carpet. To keep your feet warmer I guess.
  • Another chandelier, more detailed in this shot.
  • Potions ingredients: see how they all are equally lined up on the shelves. It gives the office an air of grandeur. Notice the definite bottle model change on the right.
  • Look at the cute little chest full of potions bottles!  
  • Bergere chair: this is very interesting!  It proves the setting manager read all the books!  If you recall book 3 when Lupin brings his students in the teacher's room where Snape is reading, the latter is sitting in a bergere chair.  As I said in my analysis, I think it was Snape's chair because all the other chairs were described as being very different and unmatched.  And here, what kind of chair do we find?  The same!  Nice thought!
  • There's a nice arrangement between the bergere chair and the reading table with the lamp on it.  It proves the adaptors wanted to give out the impression Snape enjoys a reading corner.  
  • There's a kind of lamp at the top right.
  • And of course, we see why in the first picture, the roof was rounded.  Because of the arch.  It reminds us of the classroom.

 This picture doesn't add a lot to the scene unfortunately.  Merely how the two windows in the background are illuminated.

The view when facing the bergere chair at Snape's left. We finally have a better view of his desk!

  •  Desk: very well thought of!  There's a magnifier, surely to examine some difficult parts to read in Snape's old books or maybe some delicate ingredients. There's a whole set of feather, ink and stamp along with some parchments and books. A sand-clock, a lamp and a device I can't quite make out behind the newspaper.
  • Notice the Latin-like scriptures which go on and on.  Before, they were only visible in the arches.  
  • We can see the little chest again.  There are 6 bottles in it.
  • Notice the two arches on the left.  There are windows there too, but they don't seem to be emitting as much light as the ones behind Snape.  
  •   On the very right of the picture, behind Ron, notice the experiments going on.  (Check the next picture to see better)

 A little bit more on the right

  • Snape's office is kind of square with arches around it.
  • The entrance is right in front of Snape's desk.
  • Experiments are indeed going on in the background.   During the movie, watch and you'll see smoke rising.
  • Notice how the lamp on the right can move around in circles.  
  • Behind Ron stands a wooden leg. It's the leg of the experiments table.
  • Did you ever notice Snape is wearing an official magistrate dress?
  • Look at the disposition of the bergere chairs.  They are definitely placed as far as possible from the desk but still, they must be used by Snape's visitors. However, you feel the distance between his desk and the chairs.  Of course, the camera had to leave Harry and Ron some space!


 Here is where, in the movie, it's the most obvious that experiments are going on!

The camera is behind Snape's desk now. We see the right side quite clearly now.

  • We first notice the incense burner or strange scale on the desk.  
  • Notice how the wall-lamps are placed around the room. It renders it symmetrical. I love the rounded design of the lamps.
  • See near the experiment table: stools.
  • There are still ingredients behind Filch and near the entrance.

The point is view changed a little, just enough to notice other details.

  • The fruits are quite clearer here, but I can't say what they are.
  • The incense burner or strange scale looks very nice!!!
  • To the right of the sand-clock, there's a small object.  I can't make it out!  
  • There's something reddish next to McGonagall.  Maybe a candle or a lamp.
  • Again, there are 2 arches on this side of the office.

More panoramic view

  • On the left: a stove with wood behind it.  It's related to the wall. That would mean one mistake though: in book 3, Lupin came by the fireplace into Snape's office. But here, there's none!!
  • Notice the result boards on the left, above the stove.  
  • There's also a more precise view of an engine (round and black) on the experiment table.  I wish we could see it closer!  
  • I think the bottles on the far end wall are well lined up, don't you?
  • We can see the stools a little bit better now!  


 Close-up of part of the entrance and the wall


 Final view to complete the tour of Snape's office!

  • We see a little more of Snape's chair though not a lot.
  • The colour of the background windows is not the same I think.  I did play with the brightness a little bit, but not to that extend.  So, sometimes it's almost black as if the windows gave view to the outside world, and sometimes it's like they are enchanted.  I don't know anymore!!
  • And what's that suddenly very bright shelf on the right side corner?  

Here we can just see the texture of the walls.


All in all, I think the elements of Snape's office is well fit to what we think of him: educated, keeps his precious ingredients near, gothic-like style, eats in his office, has on-going experiments, he has a reading corner, and he seems to keep his guests as far from him as possible!

There are major flaws however, see for yourself below:

All allusions to Snape's Office found in the four books

Book 1

 Nothing mentioned!

Book 2



Snape led them away from the warmth and light, down a narrow stone staircase that led into the dungeons.

"In!" he said, opening a door halfway down the cold passageway and pointing.

They entered Snape's office, shivering.


  • The shadowy walls were lined with shelves of large glass jars, in which floated all manner of revolting things Harry didn't really want to know the name of at the moment.
  • The fireplace was dark and empty. Snape closed the door and turned to look at them.
  • He tried not to look at a large, slimy something suspended in green liquid on a shelf behind Snape's desk.
  • Harry and Ron both flinched, but she merely pointed it at the empty fireplace, where flames suddenly erupted.
  • "What we need," said Hermione briskly as Thursday afternoon's double Potions lesson loomed nearer, "is a diversion. Then one of us can sneak into Snape's office and take what we need." [...] Snape was trying to restore calm and find out what had happened. Through the confusion, Harry saw Hermione slip quietly into Snape's office.(there's a direct access between his office and classroom)
  • Harry saw Hermione slide back into the dungeon, the front of her robes bulging.

Book 3


Harry followed him downstairs, trying to wipe his hands clean on the inside of his robes without Snape noticing. They walked down the stairs to the dungeons and then into Snape's office.


  • Harry had been in here only once before, and he had been in very serious trouble then too. Snape had aquired a few more slimy horrible things in jars since last time, all standing on shelves behind his desk, glinting in the firelight and adding to the threatening atmosphere. (This time, the fireplace is not empty)
  • Snape, and he bent down, a hand on each arm of Harry's chair, (the bergere chairs have two arms too)
  • He strode across to his fire (the fire is across his desk, not behind it or next to it), seized a fistful of glittering powder from a jar on the fireplace (it must look have a chimney shelf above), and threw it into the flames.
  • Right on cue, Ron came bursting into the office. He was completely out of breath, and stopped just short of Snape's desk (this means that Snape's desk is surely facing the door and occupies the far-end of his office), clutching the stitch in his chest and trying to speak.

Book 4

Passage way leading to his office

  • He and Ron followed Hermione down a flight of stone steps, but instead of ending up in a gloomy underground passage like the one that led to Snape's dungeon, they found themselves in a broad stone corridor, brightly lit with torches, and decorated with cheerful paintings that were mainly of food. 
  • He crept along the corridor below, pushed aside a tapestry about halfway along, and proceeded down a narrower staircase, a shortcut that would take him down two floors (If this place is 2 floors down, then Snape's office or classroom are not at the ground level at all!) He kept glancing down at the map, wondering ... And then, halfway down the staircase, not thinking about what he was doing, not concentrating on anything but the peculiar behavior of Mr. Crouch, Harry's leg suddenly sank right through the trick step (it's halfway down the narrower staircase) Neville always forgot to jump.
  • the egg fell down the long staircase with a bang as loud as a bass drum on every step - the Invisibility Cloak slipped - Harry snatched at it, and the Marauder s Map fluttered out of his hand and slid down six stairs (so Harry is in the first staircase, halfway through it and the map lies 6 stairs below. Therefore, the staircases are quite long because when Snape reached the level between the 2 staircases, he didn't see the map right away.  I'd say the map was at a quarter of the stair, so approximately 24 steps for each staircase), where, sunk in the step to above his knee, he couldn't reach it.
  • The golden egg fell through the tapestry at the bottom of the staircase, burst open, and began wailing loudly in the corridor below. Harry pulled out his wand and struggled to touch the Marauder s Map, to wipe it blank, but it was too far away to reach -
  • "- and when I passed my office, I saw that the torches were lit (there are torches around his office) and a cupboard door was ajar! (that means there's more than one cupboard, hence, not only shelves) Somebody has been searching it!"
  • "I know he couldn't, Filch!" Snape snapped again. "I seal my office with a spell none but a wizard could break!"
  • Snape looked up the stairs, straight through Harry, and then down into the corridor below. (it seems that, behind the tapestry at the foot of the stairs, lies the corridor leading to Snape's office. There must be more than one way to get to that corridor though).

Location of the office

  • A single dot was flitting around a room in the bottom left-hand corner - Snapes office (doesn't tell us anything though!). But the dot wasn't labeled "Severus Snape" ... it was Bartemius Crouch.

Special Content

  • Potion ingredients have gone missing from my private store cupboard


Location: Snape's office is situated in a dark, and at least 2-floor down underground, passageway or corridor.  The office is halfway through the said passage. At least one end of this passage ends with a tapestry which leads to 2-set long narrow staircases. There seems to be another generally used access to the Dungeons too which is also a narrow staircase. Torches are lit when people pass by the office.  A door joins both the office and the classroom. And, the office is sealed against non-wizard.

Content: A 2-arm chair for guests (bergere surely), a desk, potions ingredients in bottles behind his desk, a fireplace with a shelf above holding floo powder, some cupboards and one special private cupboard for Snape's precious ingredients.

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